Celebrating 60 years!

Milford, October 1956

Rosarii and I, (1st and 2nd Left), thought we would not make a fuss about our 60th anniversary in LCM.  Then again we thought we might have a small celebration.  But it’s not easy to assemble four people, two of whom live and work in Southern Africa (Adrian and Bridget, Right).  And it is more appropriate to celebrate this jubilee in Africa, where there are new young LCM members.  The evidence that Mary Potter’s spirit is flourishing in yet another culture, gives us all hope -and a reason to celebrate.

Looking back now at the 1956 picture, when we four received the habit in Milford, we are reminded of the incredible amount of change that has happened since then.  These changes in science, theology, humanities and communications have inevitably affected us in religious life also.  No longer do we see ourselves as segregated from the world, but immersed in its progress, its pain and its development.

Mary Potter’s charism is relevant in a world where millions remain trapped in slavery and poverty.  Today the unity of the whole human family, in a beautiful, fragile, created environment, becomes more obvious.  So also does its need for cherishing.  Overcome by atrocity sometimes, we need to remind ourselves of the power of contemplative prayer.   Thankfully we can all share in its effectiveness, wherever we are, and at any age.

Kathleen Keane LCM