Flying flowers


If you love butterflies –and who doesn’t, it is recommended that you plant a butterfly bush in your garden. The proper name for this shrub is buddleia; and we may not think it is anything special to look at. But clearly butterflies think differently; and they flock towards buddleia plants.

During the summer months these “flying flowers” as butterflies are often called, surprise us with their sudden visits, reminding us of visitors whom we do not see, perhaps angels or a loved one who has died.

In November we no longer see the beautiful summer messengers in this hemisphere. But our ancestors believed that during the month of the holy souls, the veil separating us from the next world is particularly thin. We may even feel that the loved one has not gone away at all. Life is changed not ended.

Of course the short life of the butterfly is all about change, rapid change; and it is no wonder that their silent fluttering can awaken our imaginations.