Surprised by Light

achill-sunsetAs the days and the light are drawing in before Samhain, trust Joyce Rupp to offer beauty and comfort, even when darkness threatens. The following piece about human radiance is from her September Reflection; indeed it is often through others that we experience God:
“….Our radiance hides not in ocean waters but in the fluidity of the soul and it … is detected through movement of some kind. Occasionally we catch a glimpse of the luminescence from this hidden presence, all as real as little creatures emitting sparks of light in the ocean’s darkness.

And what might that “movement” be? Most often it occurs when someone or something stirs our heart or stimulates our mind. A great variety of these “movements” slip into our lives and radiate sparks of divine light. Some of the ways in which I’ve experienced this have been in a quickening of my heart by the unselfish love in another’s words or deeds, a movement of wonder by the surprise of nature’s beauty, the quieting of my soul by being in prayerful silence with others, a song bringing deep joy, beholding the mystery of a loved one’s final breath, catching the laughter of a friend, and the flash of insight clarifying long-held confusion.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa wisely comments that “we are attracted to other people’s goodness” (We are Made for Goodness) When our inner radiance shines forth from the darkness of our unseen self, we become invitations for the secreted Light in others to brighten the world with their presence. Like the night waters, our inner world remains hidden but can be observed through sparks of love, beauty, goodness, wonder, and the selfless service emanating from within us.”

2016, (