Glories of the Universe

“This world is one of the glories of the universe. All things are created for the glory of God. Let your mind rest peacefully, contemplating the  many lovely sights in God’s beautiful creation.” 

- Mary Potter


The deer

In the Beginning when God created the world. He judged it ‘very good’. Every part of the Universe was fashioned in exquisite order, yet there is great diversity, all the various plants and animals.

"Like the deer that longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul for thee my God.” 


- Ps. 42.1


The brightness of the sun

“The Light of the sun brightens everything it falls upon, just as the light of God’s love falling upon us will brighten our days and enable us to live lives of love. ” 

- Mary Potter


The order of nature

“If in taking a beautiful flower, we see how beautifully every part is ordered, or looked into the depths of the ocean we would see the same laws given and observed, a special arrangement, a special purpose in everything. All nature is beautiful by reason of this order. 

All is spoilt when there is disorder. All things are created for and must tend to the glory of God".

- Mary Potter

High view of forest across a lake with a rocky point in the foreground

Gratitude in our common home

We are created in the image and likeness of God. We are called to look on creation as a gift and to live in unity and peace with each other and all of creation in a spirit of gratitude in our common home.

"It would much increase our love of God if we could see Him working everywhere”.

- Mary Potter

Mindfulness reflection waterfall


“The person that is ever mindful of the presence  of God finds Him in every place.”


- Mary Potter