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Sr. Itayi Mutasa

Sister Itayi nun outside in sun

My name is Sister Itayi Mutasa from Zimbabwe. My hobbies are listening to music, cooking making cards, and I enjoy watching movies.

I am a committed LCM sister who has Christ as the centre of my life. I believe that God is always present in every situation, and that no one has to look down upon others, because God had a purpose of each one when he created everything, our environment needing also our care and nurturing. Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother is my role model, and a life of prayer is the epitome of my trust in Jesus as my saviour.

Tell us about you current work with the Little Company of Mary

I am working as a social worker at an institution which cares for children with special needs. This institution was started by Sr. Breda Conway LCM together with help from people in South Africa.My work involves working with young children and young adults with special needs. I also work with their parents on how to accept them in a positive manner. I do referral cases for further management to different departments according to the needs of an individual. As an LCM sister  I believe that my presence gives life to the people I minister, as Mary did on Calvary when she stood there helpless beside her Son, but her presence meant so much to Jesus. It takes courage and confidence to embrace that position and for me my presence to the people I serve is a reminder that they are not alone in their situation. I am there to support them and give them courage to have positive perception of their different situations especially when their condition deteriorates. I endeavour to be like a mother to them and I do cherish their limitations with love, hope and faith.

Each day I encounter different cases, God is ever present in them; hence they need to be treated with respect, love and care. A smile can transform someone, so each time I see these children I smile at them and they smile back too. I believe that as an LCM sister I am called to advocate for the voiceless and give them the dignity which they deserve.

Why did you join the Little Company of Mary?

I joined the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary in 2005. Looking at our challenging world today I felt that if I could help in bringing Christ to the suffering, sick and dying it would enable Christ to be  seen even in the vulnerable. Sharing the compassion of Christ to those I come in contact with. As our founder Mary Potter said “Our sole motive is to fulfil the will of God”, looking at myself it is to fulfil the will of God in my life.

What do you enjoy about working with the Little Company of Mary?

  • Being part of the courageous women who bring the good news of Christ to the vulnerable of our world.
  • Giving hope, trust, love and courage to our troubled world.
  • Prioritising the needs of the poor and continuing to live the vision of our foundress Venerable Mary Potter.