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Sr. Veronica


My name is Veronica Mc Namara and I am 54 years in the Little Company of Mary. Not for one day would I change my choice of life. Early promptings came to me and after due reflection, my mind made up, the path for me was as a religious.

Why did you join the Little Company of Mary?

My mother had an uncle a priest in Port Elizabeth, South Africa near the LCM sisters. Fr. Dan would ask Sr. Brigid to visit his niece and she did that. My family had nuns on both sides and we so looked forward to their coming at summertime. So nuns were not uncommon to us. Perhaps, Fr. Dan had a line to Jesus on our behalf. I knew that nursing would be a priority and found my desire in LCM.

What are your hobbies?

Hobbies reading, classical music and walking. I am retired from active nursing at 71 years old.

Work in parish is always welcome as minister of the Word and Holy Communion. I have made contact with parishioners who wish to speak in confidence and unburden and ask for prayer. The phone is another medium for pastoral outreach. What people want is presence and witness and this is a form of evangelising.

What is your Motto?

Abba, Father. At baptism I became a child of God and to be able to call him father was a blessing. At Jesus baptism in the Jordan, a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the beloved; my favour rests on him”. I believe this is no different for me or anyone.

What do you enjoy about your work with the Little Company of Mary?

The emphasis on being; St. John Paul said to religious, “It is not what you do that matters most, but what you are as persons consecrated to God”.

Community prayer and life with all its challenges.

Our beloved Foundress ; Venerable Mary Potter and her story.